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Dining Room Makeover

Dining Room Makeover Back in May when the school year was reaching its peak, I had a minor disaster.  I’ve gotten into brewing in the new year and have been making hard (apple) cider, kiwi cider, and recently pear cider.  However, I had one of my one gallon fermenters explode.  Well, it acted more like … Continue reading

What is an Ensō?

What is an Ensō? I’ve been thinking about Taoism and Zen much more lately.  Usually it’s just something that I come back to when I feel… unbalanced.  Work-life becomes stressful or I’m so focused on some new project that I let things slip–like oversleeping or neglecting friends– and then I thumb through my old copy … Continue reading

DIY Laptop Case

DIY Laptop Case I’ve been looking around for a case for my MacBook Pro.  I wanted something that didn’t require me to buy a totally new backpack, but did add some protection without much bulk.  They ranged from simple stick on skins which while cheap didn’t really add any protection, polycarbonate shells (with reports of … Continue reading