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Web 2.0, Higher-Order Thinking, and Macbeth: Part 8

A Focus on Focus I’m an English teacher.  And although I don’t get to do it as much as I like, I love to read.  On summer days when the sweltering heat and humidity of August in Pennsylvania became too much, I would curl up in some cool corner and read and read and read. … Continue reading

Web 2.0, Higher-Order Thinking, and Macbeth: Part 7

Digital Native vs. Digital Fluent As I looked through the available research and literature for web 2.0, I noticed a trend.  It was either aimed at a teacher who already considered himself/herself fairly tech savvy.  This reader presumably just needed to see some details from a peer about practicalities: how do I organize the students, … Continue reading

#30 Red Dawn (2012)

Red Dawn (2012) The original Red Dawn was an artifact of the Cold War.  High school and twenty-somethings battle an invading army in guerrilla style attacks.   In the 1984 rendition the Soviet Union, with the aid of their Cuban allies, invades the USA.  Here in the 2012 version substitute the Russians with the aid … Continue reading

#29 Under Ten Flags

Under Ten Flags Under Ten Flags is the story of a WWII German raider, The Atlantis.  She was a ship which appeared to be an ordinary merchant vessel who could assume a variety of nationalities(thus the Ten Flags), but was actually a disguised warship.  This 1960 film is a tepid rendition of the naval equivalent of … Continue reading

#28 The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man Based on the 1897 H.G. Wells novel of the same name, The Invisible Man stars Claude Raines as the Jack Griffin.  Seeking fame, fortune and power to win the girl of his dreams, the stunning Gloria Stuart (better known to modern audiences as the elderly Rose in James Cameron’s Titanic), Jack Griffin secretly develops … Continue reading

#27 Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, a film from Denmark, explores the life of Dennis, a lonely socially awkward bodybuilder.  Living under the thumb of his aged mother, the 38 year-old Dennis longs for love.  Where Steve Carrell turned the aging socially awkward male life into a comedy in 40 Year Old Virgin, director Mads Matthiesen uses it for … Continue reading

Web 2.0, Higher-Order Thinking, and Macbeth: Part 6

Macbeth: A catalog of technology Our district’s inservice today is all about HEATing up our lessons.  I think our Macbeth unit has fit the bill.  Looking back on the first portion of this project leads to quite a tally of technology use. Twitter We use Twitter to compose brief responses from the point of view of a … Continue reading

Web 2.0, Higher-Order Thinking, and Macbeth: Part 5

Unforeseen Issues A key attribute for any teacher is flexibility.  Never is this more needed than when taking on a new technology.  We encountered several problems during this project that I had not anticipated. The case of the mystery tweets After completing Act I, I set about compiling my student’s tweets as a record of … Continue reading

Web 2.0, Higher-Order Thinking, and Macbeth: Part 4

The Storify Assignment With all the potential issues sorted out, I felt we were ready to launch our project. However, I should say something at the outset. Our primary goal was to learn about how authors create and change characters not the language of William Shakespeare.  This will surely make some English teachers shudder, but … Continue reading

Web 2.0, Higher-Order Thinking, and Macbeth: Part 3

Solving Problems Before They Become Problems One thing I have learned about using a new resource is to think through the entire process.  What will the final product look like?  What will the rubric include?  How will it be collected and graded?  How do I prevent my teenage students from getting themselves (and perhaps me … Continue reading