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30 In Your 30’s: A Bucket List

This post is in response to “30 Things Travelers Must See and Do Before They’re 30” by Lacy Morris on Huff Post.  I found in by way on my friend over at Red Pen Confessions.  Thanks, Brianna! So the basic premise is that there are thirty things we should try to do before we exit … Continue reading

Is That a Movie or a Video Game?

Is That a Movie or a Video Game? The Response This post is a response to an opinion item in the New York Times: “Is That a Movie or a Video Game?”  The issue at hand is the CGI-ification of cinema.  NYT presented four points of view. 1. Cinema is about Humanity, not Fireballs   Armond … Continue reading

#35 Richard II

Richard II The second most often leveled charge against the various versions of the plays of William Shakespeare on film, after the difficulty of the language, is that most suffer from a common ailment: they are plays.  This is not to say that plays cannot be made into good or even great films.  Watch Arthur … Continue reading

#34 Quest for Fire

Quest for Fire There’s a classic filmmaking/acting assignment.  It harkens back to the days of silent films.  Tell a story without dialogue.  Ninety-nine times out of one hundred that’s how it stays, a class project.  But that one in a hundred that escape?  Well, that’s how we get interesting films like Quest for Fire.  How do … Continue reading

#33 Arn: The Knight Templar

Arn: The Knight Templar A Swedish mix of Romeo and Juliet, Kingdom of Heaven, and Braveheart, this 2008 movie/miniseries is a big-budget attempt by Scandinavian filmmaking to crank out a swashbuckling epic.  Arn is given to a monastery by his parents as a pledge to god after the boy survives a childhood illness.  In the … Continue reading

#32 Gray Lady Down

Gray Lady Down Charlton Heston plus submarine plus 1970’s equals a disaster movie!  The 1970s were the decade of the disaster movie.  The formula was rather simple.  Assemble a big cast that includes some popular stars, a star from yesteryear or two, and maybe a acting wannabe from pop culture or sports.  Create multiple story … Continue reading

#31 The Hunt for Red October

The Hunt for Red October I’d seen this film before, so the plot was not a surprise.  What did surprise me was the size and quality of the cast!  Sean Connery as Captain Ramos of the Red October, Alec Baldwin as CIA analyst Jack Ryan, Scott Glen as Captain of the USS Dallas, as well … Continue reading