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Darkness and Silence

Darkness and Silence The silence.  It wasn’t the desolation that got to Kai, but the silence.  On Earth even on a fog shrouded night there was some kind of sound.  In the depths of March before the insects and most birds returned there were noises.  Water trickling down bare branches just beginning to bud.  The … Continue reading

The Transformation of Plain Jane

Here’s another story based on a photograph.  The starter photo is of the aviatrix.  I’m not sure who she is, but there’s something exciting and romantic about everyone(that is, men) telling women what they couldn’t do… and then one by one the ladies go out and prove everyone wrong. The Transformation of Plain Jane “If … Continue reading

Come With Me

Here is another story I wrote as a sample for my students.  This one began with a black and white photo of Richard Burton from the movie The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.  The other pictures I added from around the web. Come With Me “I don’t know who I am.”  It was a … Continue reading

I’ll Drive

Whenever my students write, I try to write as well.  Last year my sophomores worked on creating their own short stories.  To give them an example I sat down and wrote a couple as well.  This is the first of the bunch. Their assignment was simple.  Select a photograph from the stack I provided.  Use … Continue reading