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A Year in Movies: The Challenge!

I’ve given myself the challenge to log and write about every think I watch for the next year.  That’s every television show, documentary, science fiction film, teaching video, and, well, movie.  It doesn’t sound like much on the surface, but rather think it’ll be quite the challenge.  I’m curious myself to tally up the total … Continue reading

There’s just something about Danish TV!

Certain times of the year the number and quality of choices on TV runs dry.  The fall network season has yet to begin and the summer cable shows have wrapped up.  It’s slim pickings out there. So this is when I wander off to foreign TV shows.  The BBC thankfully broadcasts great TV shows from … Continue reading

Why I love watching foreign TV shows…

Ok, it all began when I still had a Netflix account.  I’d run through all the science fiction worth seeing.  Then I went through all the Oscar winners and nominees ever.  The Golden Globe nominees and winners.  I went through a phase where I watched both the original and the remake/reinterpretation of films.  It began … Continue reading