I don’t recall being especially interested in movies until I was in high school.  We had a photography/video class, but there was no equipment.  My first video was edited by starting and stopping a VHS video camera and recording onto a VHS player in the living room.

But I do recall–in those pre-cable days–that there were only two ways to watch lots of movies.  First, PBS and late night on the independent channels.  This is how I was introduced to sci-fi classics like the original Doctor Who and to obscure French classics like Claire’s Knee and Chloe in the Afternoon.  This is also how I was introduced to Audrey Hepburn.  My brother and I stayed up late to watch Roman Holiday on WHYY out of Philadelphia.  I was hooked.

The second way to see good movies as well as lots of them… the video store.  We never had a membership to Blockbuster or any of the other major chains.  There were two independent video stores.  The first, A-to-Z Video, was all VHS movies.  This is where I began my interest in science fiction.  It was about this time I first saw Ridley Scott’s Alien.  Later when it closed I found a store which led me through the transition from VHS to DVDs.  I can’t recall it’s name, and it has long since closed.  However, the owners were movie fans as well and carried a wide variety of films.  I was in there so often that they started recommending movies based on what I liked and was interested in.

Later after I got out of college and started teaching, there was Netflix.  For about four or five years I was on their 8-DVDs at a time plan.  Eventually, I went through so many films that I found myself watching obscure miniseries and TV shows from Korea, Australia, Denmark.  I’d seen every movie I cared to.  So I cancelled my Netflix, 2000 movies later.

All told between TV, theater, Netflix, rental, Hulu and other online outlets.  I’ve watched between 4,000 and 5,000 movies.  That’s why I created this blog.

I’m interested in watching films, writing about movies, and even studying movies.  But I’m also interested in making movies, writing scripts for movies, making posters for movies… everything from the acting, to the camera, to the special effects, to editing, to the music, to the promotion of the final product.

I like movies, but then who doesn’t, right?


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