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Leadership and Longform Reporting

I’ve learned that teaching leadership isn’t a sink or swim proposition.  Just chucking someone into a leadership position isn’t a good way to teach leadership.  It requires modeling leadership, offering opportunities for practice(in action), revision of methods, and finally, eventually, hopefully… real leadership.  At the moment we’re still in the modeling phase.

In this video I learned that giving up power allows the organization to be stronger.  I need to train the section leaders to take over eventually.  Distributed leadership.  Now I just have to figure out how to get there from here.

Longform Reporting

I got really excited about the idea of “slow journalism” after watching this TED talk.

The speaker talks about how–thanks to the internet and mobile reporting–that news has become a hyperactive activity.  Fast, fast, fast.  If it’s wrong, that’s ok.  We’ll fix it later.  Get the news out now!  Ugh.

Then there’s this video about how journalism is mostly dark.

I like the idea of our longform stories being upbeat and telling not just stories about the dark times but also about the successes in our community.

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