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#38 Avatar

Avatar Edgar Allen Poe made very little money from his short stories and poems.  It is said for  “The Raven” he earned just $5.  Poe rather made his living as a literary journalist reviewing works of the day.  In response to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Twice-Told Tales, Poe included a strong argument against the use of allegory. … Continue reading

#37 Invictus

Invictus I’d seen this in theaters when it came out in 2009.  Admittedly, at the time I had only recently come to enjoy rugby.  It is on American television so little.  I do recall seeing South Africa defeat England in the 2007 Rugby World Cup on an obscure channel on cable TV.  Suddenly I was … Continue reading

#36 The Messenger: Joan of Arc

The Mesenger Sometimes the first scene of a film is an indication of the disaster the remainder of the film will be.  The first five minutes of this film consisted of a map with exposition of the current state of affairs in France(circa 1429), Joan, age 10, confessing, her sprinting estatically from the church following … Continue reading

Tower of Power

No, no movie to review this time or Storify insight to share(although both are forthcoming)…  I did want to post a Soundslides video I made of my Technical Writing students testing their towers. The aim was to build a tower 8cm tall that would hold as much mass as possible.  The hitch was they could … Continue reading