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Movies that make me thankful…

It’s Thanksgiving Day 2011.  So I thought I’d do a quick post on films that make me thankful. The first group are a small selection of films that make me thankful for those US citizens who volunteered or answered the draft to serve in our armed forces. Saving Private Ryan – Just watch the first … Continue reading

Why Alien is a better film than Aliens…

There are many ways to decide why one film is better than another.  You might judge on how things like: How you felt after watching the film The acting The plot The quality of the script/writing The camerawork and cinematography What someone else(a critic, a friend, etc.) said about it The quality of the special … Continue reading

Alternative Movie Posters

Perhaps it is an outgrowth of the “fan culture” that leads devotees to a particular director or film to create their own stories or even fan films based on the world of a film.  Perhaps it is the availability and ease of use of graphic design and illustration programs.  Perhaps it is simply the internet … Continue reading

Allusion, Homage, or Plagiarism?

Georges Polti, a 19th century French author, attempted to create a system to categorize every dramatic situation in a piece of literature.  Polti, looking at classical Greek texts and contemporary French texts, created a list of 36 plots.  It is an interesting exercise to think that every plot however twisting and convoluted can be slotted … Continue reading

Good movies?

What makes a good movie good? I’ve found over the years and thousands of movies I’ve watched that there are several ways to answer this knotty question.  It seems that the answer depends on whom you ask.  But I’ve boiled it down to a handy maxim: Just because it is good doesn’t mean I have … Continue reading