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Tron vs. Tron: Legacy

I’ll admit it.  When it comes to remakes and updates of classic films, usually I like the original better. However, with Tron and Tron: Legacy I am torn.  Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Tron Strengths: Plot -The plot makes sense from beginning to end.  In fact, the plot is simple.  But that’s ok because … Continue reading

More Great Alternative Movie Posters

Some fans of a particular film want more.  We buy collectibles like posters, toys, mugs and the like.  For some even this is not enough.  They make something in homage to the film.  For some science fiction and fantasy fans this has led to cosplay, conventions, fan fiction, and even to fan films.  Some create … Continue reading

Why 1982 was perhaps the best year in SF film…

What was it that made 1982 so special for science fiction on film?  The US economy was in the midst of severe recession which lasted from 1978 to late in 1982.  In the wake of the energy crisis, stagflation, and unemployment at about 8% the outlook was suitably bleak.  Why then was there so much … Continue reading

1951, 1982, 2011… the Thing?

Three films from three different eras all with the same idea at their core…this is part one of three. Let’s start with a little background. 1951- The USA is engaged in a “police action” in Korea.  Seoul is captured for the second time by the Communist forces of China and North Korea only to be … Continue reading

Why I love watching foreign TV shows…

Ok, it all began when I still had a Netflix account.  I’d run through all the science fiction worth seeing.  Then I went through all the Oscar winners and nominees ever.  The Golden Globe nominees and winners.  I went through a phase where I watched both the original and the remake/reinterpretation of films.  It began … Continue reading