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30 In Your 30’s: A Bucket List

This post is in response to “30 Things Travelers Must See and Do Before They’re 30” by Lacy Morris on Huff Post.  I found in by way on my friend over at Red Pen Confessions.  Thanks, Brianna! So the basic premise is that there are thirty things we should try to do before we exit … Continue reading

Go West Young Man! Day 7 & 8

Hold on!  What happened to day 6?  Well, after all of our hiking and camping… we needed a day of recovery.  Fresno, California unfortunately isn’t much to look at(and at the time was boiling hot in the 108-110F range).  We planned on going to see a movie, The Dark Knight Returns, but instead watched the … Continue reading

Go West Young Man! Day 5: Yosemite

Yosemite Valley Howard recommended a visit early in the day to Yosemite Valley to beat the crowds.  So we working backwards from the first valley shuttle of the day of 7am, we left Mammoth Lakes in the pre-dawn darkness about 5am. We went back through the Tioga Pass entrance to Yosemite.  Ranger Dan was still … Continue reading

Go West Young Man! Day 4

Day 4: Tuolumne Meadows and Bodie No Bears! Sadly no bears visited our campsite in Mammoth Lakes during the night.  I really liked Mammoth Lakes and Howard said he could see me retiring there after teaching.  It’d be perfect. I could ski all winter(season pass is about $1000), and run and hike (and fish)all summer. … Continue reading

Go West Young Man! Day 2: Death Valley part 2

Day 2: Hike to Telescope Peak The unexpected visitors I awoke with a start.  Howard was leaning over me by the zipped closed screen “door” to the tent.  I thought he wanted out, but couldn’t find the zipper(which was odd because with the full moon it was easy to see inside the tent). He hushed … Continue reading

Go West Young Man! Day 1: Death Valley part 1

So I’ve travled all over the US, but I haven’t made it to California… until now. My college roommate and very good friend, Howard, and I decided to hike around the hinterland of California. Death Valley, Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequioa… Day 1 I flew into Las Vegas from Philadelphia; Howard made the flight from … Continue reading