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Leadership and Longform Journalism

My Personal Learning Goals For Marking Period 1 After looking at my teaching and journalism work from last year, I’ve set two goals for myself for the first marking period. Goal 1: Leadership I want to learn how to better foster leadership among my students.  I know what it means to be a leader in the … Continue reading

On Pie, Teaching and Learning

What does an English teacher really need? Desks, books, paper, pencils. Tech? Only a maybe… Continue reading

Day 4: What do you love most about teaching?

Some days it is tough to remember the things I love about teaching.  I just finished covering a class–for students with multiple and severe disabilities–and the soul-crushing futility (or so it could seem) of reaching and teaching some of these students is depressing.  And I was only in there with them for a single period. … Continue reading

Day 3: Room for Improvement

Ok, so my days of the blog challenge are not consecutive.  Sue me.  But I’m still thinking about them, so pffft!  They’re not going to be consecutive… Day 3: Discuss one “observation” area that you would like to improve on for your teacher evaluation. I’m naturally a quiet and introverted person.  I like to sit and … Continue reading

Day 2: EdTech Integration

Day 2: Write about one piece of technology that you would like to try this year, and why. You might also write about what you’re hoping to see out of this edtech integration. In the past I have experimented with using Twitter to tweet as characters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and using Storify to analyze those character tweets. … Continue reading

Day 1: Blog Challenge!

After reading some of the posts by my friend and colleague, Brianna Crowley, over at Red Pen Confessions  about her blog challenge from TeachThought.com I thought I should give it a try as well.  So here’s to Day 1! Day 1: Write your goals for the school year.  Be as specific or abstract as you … Continue reading

Code-Switching and Register

When I began my career as an English teacher(2004), my understanding was that a key part of my job was to help students (read:drag kicking and screaming) to learn to write more formally.  They often began writing as they spoke with their peers.  That is with slang, elliptical speech, and in fragments.  Clearly such language would be unacceptable … Continue reading

My 4 Classroom Rules and 3 Rules I Loathe

  When I began teaching at Hershey High School back in the fall of 2004, I was not entirely your usual neophyte teacher.  Sure, I only had a half-year long-term substitute teaching position under my belt for teaching experience.  But I wasn’t straight out of college.  I had some five years of distance from those … Continue reading

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice Adobe Voice is a free iOS app for creating brief videos without the heavy lifting of using an editing program.  The app is template based and includes free music, the ability to search and use Creative Commons licensed images and icons, and then generate a high quality video that can be shared or … Continue reading

Web 2.0, Higher-Order Thinking, and Macbeth: Part 9

Lessons Learned So the Macbeth project has been completed, and I’ve had time to contemplate what went right and what could be improved.   1. Circuits Overloaded! Problem: Too much new tech all at once Despite being “Digital Natives,” a sizable portion(perhaps 20-30% by my estimate) were frustrated by the volume and complexity of the project.  Aside: I … Continue reading