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On Pie, Teaching and Learning

What does an English teacher really need? Desks, books, paper, pencils. Tech? Only a maybe… Continue reading

Blogging Challenge: Week 1

What should be considered “essential” curriculum in any discipline? I like to think my first job, even before teaching my students the English curriculum, is to help the kids to become good people.  I’m not certain if this something I came to realize on my own or something my father–a retired teacher–pointed out to me. … Continue reading

Day 4: What do you love most about teaching?

Some days it is tough to remember the things I love about teaching.  I just finished covering a class–for students with multiple and severe disabilities–and the soul-crushing futility (or so it could seem) of reaching and teaching some of these students is depressing.  And I was only in there with them for a single period. … Continue reading