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Day 3: Room for Improvement

Ok, so my days of the blog challenge are not consecutive.  Sue me.  But I’m still thinking about them, so pffft!  They’re not going to be consecutive…

Day 3: Discuss one “observation” area that you would like to improve on for your teacher evaluation.

I’m naturally a quiet and introverted person.  I like to sit and read quietly for hours.  I like to sit and watch movies quietly for hours.  I like quiet.

So teaching batches of noisy teenagers all day is a bit jarring.

However, the area I would like to improve on is parent communication.  I’m of two minds on this.  First, the kids are in high school.  When do they take their own lumps and responsibility for both the good and bad things they do?  Why not now?  Second, they’re still kids and getting the parents on board is very helpful.  So emails and calls home for the good things as well as concerns just makes sense.  (Duh)

So I’m implementing an easy way to bridge the gap.  Twitter.  No, seriously.  On back-to-school night I shared my class Twitter with the parents, “Follow me!”  And I’ve been tweeting reminders of tests, homework assignments, handouts, and shout outs when a class or group does a great job in class.

So despite using tweets… the lines of communication are not quite as open as I might like.  I just checked my list of followers and only a handful of parents were listed.  Hmm.

It would seem the parents are–despite only being a little older than me–not big into tech and twitter. Clearly more work to do on my part…

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