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Adobe Voice

“The simplest way to make a video to persuade, inform, and inspire.”

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a free iOS app for creating brief videos without the heavy lifting of using an editing program.  The app is template based and includes free music, the ability to search and use Creative Commons licensed images and icons, and then generate a high quality video that can be shared or embedded in a website.

Here’s one that I made about three haiku from Matsuo Basho: Three Haiku by Basho.



  • Simple and easy to use (I made the above video in about 15 minutes, and it was my first time using the app.)
  • Ability to create video using free material which does not violate copyright law (great for schools!)
  • Final video hosted by Adobe
  • Easy to share and embed video (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.)
  • Free!


  • Overly simplistic for some
  • Limitations on what pictures/audio can be used
  • No options for including or using video shot by the user
  • No way to mix themes (you are locked in)
  • Fonts, colors, orientation of objects are all locked in by the theme
  • iOS app only (no love for android or desktop folks)

About Rob Sterner

English teacher, Film buff, Filmmaker, Writer, Musician, Photographer, Runner, Taoist, Thinker, List maker...


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