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The Wonder of the Cinema

#46 Aces High

Aces High

War-weary Malcolm McDowell

War-weary Malcolm McDowell

War movies follow one of several general plot lines.  Aces High stars Malcolm McDowell as the war-weary veteran and Peter Firth as the naive and eager recruit.  Generally with such a structure the plot has two options.  First, the war-weary veteran imparts some of his wisdom before he dies tragically, but heroically and the naive recruit now takes over as a veteran leader.  Second, the naive recruit perishes to reinforce the “war is hell” mantra and the veteran carries on with the next batch of replacements.

This is a mostly forgettable film with a predictable outcome.  The acting is fine(with an appearance by Christopher Plummer), but you know where it’s going before it gets there.  The action is mediocre.  If you want to see well done World War I action on film watch Wings or The Blue Max.  Give Aces High a miss.

A very young Peter Firth

A very young Peter Firth


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