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The Wonder of the Cinema

#29 Under Ten Flags

Under Ten Flags

Charles Laughton(Left), Cecil Parker(Right)

Under Ten Flags is the story of a WWII German raider, The Atlantis.  She was a ship which appeared to be an ordinary merchant vessel who could assume a variety of nationalities(thus the Ten Flags), but was actually a disguised warship.  This 1960 film is a tepid rendition of the naval equivalent of a blind chess match.  On one side is the British Admiralty, represented by Admiral Russell played by Charles Laughton, and his opposite number is German Captain Rogge played by Van Hefflin.  Both play their parts well enough, but the dialogue and subplots of the supporting characters is laughable at best.  The brief action sequences range from good to ridiculous in their execution and special effects.  Clearly this was a film made on the cheap.


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