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The Wonder of the Cinema

#27 Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear, a film from Denmark, explores the life of Dennis, a lonely socially awkward bodybuilder.  Living under the thumb of his aged mother, the 38 year-old Dennis longs for love.  Where Steve Carrell turned the aging socially awkward male life into a comedy in 40 Year Old Virgin, director Mads Matthiesen uses it for a quiet drama.  Played with subtle dignity by Kim Kold, Dennis is a gentle giant… a teddy bear.  Kim Kold is a former bodybuilder and won the 2006 Danish National Bodybuilding Championship.  He took up acting at the suggestion of his friend Mads Matthiesen.

What became the feature length film Teddy Bear began life as a 16 minute short film, Dennis.  It is available in two parts on YouTube.

Teddy Bear is a slow film with moments of spare and subtle drama.  There are no screaming arguments, no violence, no explosions or bloodshed, no sex or nudity… in short, nothing that would interest an audience that has been raised on Hollywood blockbusters and reality TV.  It is a small film about the real drama and debilitating effects of shyness.


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