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The Wonder of the Cinema

Summer Films I’m Looking Forward To

From blockbusters to indie dramas, summer is movie time!  Here’s a list of what I am looking forward to seeing this summer(new and old):

1. Avengers.  Ok, I’ve already seen it.  It was great popcorn fun.  A blockbuster out of the classic mold.  But it seemed to kick off the season with a bang, so I’ll start here.

2. Prometheus.  Alien is one of my favorite movies of all time.  I’m a fan of Ridley Scott–although getting the best picture for Gladiator was not entirely warranted–and love his work.  Prometheus is a quasi-prequel to Alien, but the visuals look great if the trailers are anything to go by.  Hopefully he taps into the creeping claustrophobic paranoid terror of Alien.  If he can do that, he’ll have cinema gold!  IMDB info.

3. Dark Knight Rises.  The conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy.  I’m both excited to see this and sad to see the series end.  It took Christopher Nolan to make comic book characters come to life in a serious “real world” realistic fashion.  Without this series would we have Iron Man or the Avengers?  IMDB.

4. Total Recall.  The Arnold Schwarzenegger version from 1990 had numerous flaws.  One of the most glaring was the special effects.  The trailer available suggests that this has already been remedied quite well.  Another was Arnold’s ham-fisted acting.  Colin Farrell takes over this time and he’s got some solid acting chops.  

5. The Bourne Legacy. So Matt Damon is out, so no Jason Bourne, right? Yep, but there’s still plenty of action. It may not have the depth or the layers to the story… looks to be all action. All the same I’m in.

6. God Bless America. I think most people will miss the satire in this one. I hope not. But odds are they’ll see the action and ooo and ah and be amused. Too bad. “Why have a civilization if we’re no longer interested in being civil.”

7. Hysteria. Hmmm. Just watch the trailer.

8. Safety Not Guaranteed. I love quirky quasi-romantic stories. Sad, but true. So this fits the bill.

9. The Woman in the Fifth. Ethan Hawke and Kristen Scott Thomas… both solid actors. Set in France. Broken man, troubling woman… mix and add heat.

10. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Looks so ridiculous that it might actually be fun. This on is 50/50.

11. To Rome With Love. Well the trailer made me laugh, so I hold out hope for this one…

12. Stella Days. Well, 1/2 the trailer is solid, the other half is rubbish… but this could be solid. It’s got Martin Sheen, so it must be ok.

And some fall/other films I’m looking forward to or need to see…

1. Skyfall.  It’s the next James Bond film.  

2. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I’m a sucker for well made(I mean old-school well made) romantic comedies. This one ticks all the boxes.

3. Taken 2. Liam Neeson parleyed B-movie dreck into a career as an action star. No trailer yet…

4. Argo. Except for the lead(the dreadful Ben Affleck) the remainder of the cast looks top notch and the story solid(as best one can tell from a trailer). 60/40 positive.

5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen… apparently one does just walk into a dragon’s lair.


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