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More Great Alternative Movie Posters

Some fans of a particular film want more.  We buy collectibles like posters, toys, mugs and the like.  For some even this is not enough.  They make something in homage to the film.  For some science fiction and fantasy fans this has led to cosplay, conventions, fan fiction, and even to fan films.  Some create posters.

Some posters are simple photo-chopping to create a collage of images from the film itself.  Others rise to the level of art… a piece of quality workmanship worthy of admiration on its own merit.  Here are a couple such images.

This first one captures one of the defining moments of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining without giving away any of the plot.  However, if this had been a poster designed to promote the film… prior to release, it might confuse the perspective audience.  The poster suggests a slasher style horror film, not the slow descent into madness we would get.  This is what sets apart fan posters from real PR posters.  The fan makes such posters for himself/herself and for other fans of the film, not to sell the film to those who don’t know the film.

This second one is a rare subject for a fan poster.  Falling Down was only a modest success at the box office, but has over the years developed a small following.  The poster depicts the shirt and tie of the protagonist, but with the addition of the traffic jam which sets him off.

The next poster is inspired by Saul Bass’ famous posters of films like Vertigo, The Shining, Love in the Afternoon.  It hints at the shifting gravity with Joseph Gordon Levitt.  And yet it reveals nothing of the plot which was not revealed in the trailers.  Compare with Saul Bass’ poster for Vertigo.

Saul Bass’ influence has been felt even beyond films.  Compare with this cover for the White Stripes single or the poster for Moon.


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2 thoughts on “More Great Alternative Movie Posters

  1. Is it possible to get a higher quality version of the Shining minimalistic poster?

    Posted by Ben | June 20, 2012, 6:24 pm

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